Apr 25, 2021 | Job Report


Metro Industrial Contracting, Hathaway Dinwiddie


542 HC-L 18/16 Litronic (2)


San Francisco, California

Above downtown San Francisco rises the Salesforce Tower. A gleaming, glass structure that, when completed, will be the tallest building in the Western United States and the 7th tallest in the entire country. Two Liebherr 542 HC-L Litronic luffing boom cranes were deployed to construct the 61-story office building to a height of 1,070 feet, each with a single part lifting capacity of 19.8 tons.

Both tower cranes were erected in Fall 2015 and are planned to be dismantled by late Spring 2017. Each crane was initially erected with an initial height-under-hook (HUH) of 135 feet. Tower one will rise to 1067 ft HUH with a hook reach of 197 ft and tower two will level out at 1086 ft HUH with a hook reach of 213 ft. Eleven tie-in assemblies connect each crane to the core of the structure.

When completed the 970 ft building will cover 1.4 million square feet and house a 5.4 acre city park with redwoods included. A concrete core is surrounded by uniform steel and a glass curtain wall system. Morrow’s engineering department assisted with the location and positioning of the cranes and tie-in connections to determine the most suitable connection and placement points for the building. Many revisions to equipment application drawings were required during the refinement of the cranes locations and tie-in connections.

Salesforce Tower is a joint project between Clark Construction and Hathaway Dinwiddie for client Boston Properties and Hines. The building is scheduled to open in 2018 at a cost of 1.1 billion USD.

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