Apr 23, 2021 | Job Report


Hoffman Construction


710 HC-L 32/64 Litronic
542 HC-L 18/36 Litronic
FC 7100-12


Portland, Oregon, USA
Located in Portland’s scenic south waterfront, Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) is embarking on a hospital campus expansion with the new Center for Health and Healing complex. This $340 million project will enable OHSU to expand healthcare services with 750,000 square feet of surgery rooms, clinics, labs, a pharmacy, guest rooms and a five-story garage. To support the project, Morrow was selected by general contractor Hoffman Construction Company to supply two of our new, high performance Liebherr luffing boom cranes.
The Liebherr 542 HC-L and 710 HC-L luffers were selected for neighboring site clearance and the project’s structure load capacity requirements. The 710 HC-L is operating on a structural steel building maximizing both the hook radius and tip load capacity of the crane. The 710 HC-L specifications include an initial freestanding crane tower height of 153 ft. and final top climbing height of 264 ft., with two tie-in assemblies securing the crane to the building. The 710 HC-L boom is configured for maximum hook radius of 213 ft., tip load capacity of 15,870 lb. The 542 HC-L crane has a freestanding crane tower height of 135 ft. with boom configured for 197 ft. hook radius, tip load capacity of 13,450 lb.
Morrow is providing project support in the way of engineering, parts and service to ensure the timely completion of the project expected by the end of 2017.
Morrow is pleased to be part of this prestigious and important project, and we have worked extensively as the prime provider of tower cranes to Hoffman. Our unrivaled support and expertise in complex projects, coupled with the first class organization Hoffman Construction has been for decades, made the perfect team.