Apr 25, 2021 | Job Report


Metro Industrial Contracting


Liebherr 1800 C 60


Dearborn, Michigan, USA
One of the largest tower cranes in North America, a Liebherr 1800 C, was recently on a historic job site in Dearborn, Michigan USA. The Rouge Plant, built in the 1920’s by auto magnate Henry Ford, was undergoing a major rebuild. Part of the rebuild project included the replacement of the “C” blast furnace. The Liebherr 1800 C played a significant role in the furnace upgrade. Initially, the tower crane assisted in the demolition phase of the more than 50-year-old steel furnace. Once the teardown was completed, the 1800 C was used to erect a new furnace fitted with the latest in steel-making technology. While Ford no longer owns the steel facilities at the Rouge, production continues to this day.
SeverStal North America purchased the steel operations a few years ago and invested US$300 million to upgrade the furnace. Graycor, the project general contractor and Metro Industrial Contracting selected the 1800 C from Morrow Equipment because of the crane’s ability to adapt to the specific requirements of the Dearborn project. Configured with a hook height of 270 feet (82m) and a 218-ft (66m) jib, the 66-ton (60t) tower crane was well suited to the tight work area adjacent to the furnace. The project was completed the end of October 2007. The “C” blast furnace was off line for only 100 days during the demolition-replacement process. This ambitious construction schedule, the result of 18 months of planning, was accomplished through the successful coordination of skilled personnel and high-capacity lifting equipment, like the Liebherr 1800 C from Morrow.