The Morrow corporate office provides administrative and support services for district facilities in the US, Canada and Mexico. These include such functions as sales and marketing support, engineering services, corporate advertising and publications, field service and parts inventory control, technical training and instructional programs, documentation, fleet equipment inspection/quality control and safety programs.


Peter Juhren

President/Chief Operating Officer

(503) 585-5721 Ext 0554

Mike Heacock

Vice President of Sales

(503) 585-5721 Ext 0572

Mark Beals

Vice President/CFO

(503) 585-5721 Ext 0426

Cavan Davies

Vice President/Corporate Counsel

(503) 585-5721 Ext 0569

Chris Smith

Vice President of Service

(503) 585-5721 Ext 0122

Brian Silbernagel

Corporate Safety Director

(503) 585-5721 Ext 0560

Physical Address

3218 Pringle Road SE
PO Box 3306 Salem, OR 97302 United States


+1 503 585 5721