Our Company

From the time of our founding in 1968, Morrow has focused exclusively on the tower crane and construction hoist industry. As an exclusive distributor of Liebherr-manufactured tower cranes and as a representative of Alimak Scando hoists, we have developed a unique expertise and knowledge of our product line. Our technical knowledge and foundational support, combined with the high quality of our product, has made Morrow one of the most successful in the lift equipment industry.

What we value

Morrow tower cranes and personnel hoists worldwide

We value quality, commitment to service, and the safety of our customers. Morrow is nearing 50 years as a company and this experience and longevity has strengthened our commitment to these core values. We are committed to our customers well-being and achieving your goals on every project.

How we succeed

Morrow tower cranes and personnel hoists worldwide

We maintain over 635 tower cranes and 230 construction hoists in our worldwide fleet affording us the ability to scale to our clients demand. The coverage we offer combined with a global network of local full-service facilities means you will never be without a partner at every level of your project. Our quality assurance program ensures that the product delivered to you meets the highest standards in the industry. This combined with the wide range of technical services and training courses will enable Morrow to fulfill all your project requirements from start to finish.

Where we are

Morrow tower cranes and personnel hoists worldwide

You will find us at 24 locations in 6 countries including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil. To find a regional office near you use the district locater map. Our international headquarters and Morrow Training Center are located in Salem, Oregon USA.

Our partners

Liebherr Group at Bauma 2016

Morrow is the exclusive distributor of Liebherr manufactured tower cranes in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In addition, we represent Liebherr harbor mobile and container gantry cranes in Australia and New Zealand. Switzerland based Liebherr Group is the largest crane company in the world and are world renowned for quality of workmanship, endurance, reliability, and safety record.

Morrow is a representative of Alimak Scando construction hoists. Swedish manufacturer Alimak Hek produces the Scando line of hoists complimenting our cranes for complete work site coverage.