Apr 25, 2021 | Job Report


Goebel FormingJames McHugh


Goebel Forming-Liebherr 316 EC-H LitronicLiebherr 420 EC-HMcHugh-Liebherr 357 HCLLiebherr 542 HCL


Chicago, Illinois, USAONE BENNETT PARK

Chicago’s One Bennett Park is being developed by Related Midwest. Goebel forms is utilizing 2 Morrow tower cranes for this prestigious project. Erected November 2017, the Liebherr 316 EC-H Litronic bottom climbing crane, it will climb to a final hook height of 878ft. and will dismantle June 2018. Erected November 2, 2017. The 2nd crane on this job is a Liebherr 420 EC-H top climbing crane was erected on March 31, 2017 and will have  a final HUH of 903 ft. and will dismantle the 316 EC-H Litronic and before climbing back down and being dismantled by a mobile crane.WANDA VISTA

Wanda Vista, when completed will be the 3rd tallest building in Chicago, 95 floors and 1,136’ high replacing the Hancock Tower which dropped to the 3rd spot in Chicago after completion to Trump Tower in 2008.

Morrow supplied 2 luffing boom tower cranes to James McHugh for this high profile project.  Crane one is a   Liebherr 357 HCL bottom climbing to the71 st floor and then transitioning to a top climbing crane up to a final hook height of 1,245’. When the building is completed, the crane will then be climbed down to the 73’d floor where it will be dismantled using a timberland derrick.

The 2nd crane is a Liebherr 542 HCL top climbing crane that was erected on January 20, 2017. This crane will climb to a final height of 650 ft. and climb down to be dismantled. The Wanda Group chose Chicago over New York and Los Angeles for their first US project, 95 floors at 1136 ft. total height.

Watch video for One Bennett Park  

Watch video for Wanda Vista