Student Testimonials

Ness & Campbell Crane


I have had a lot of different training over the years and just wanted to say this was one of the best classes I have had. I’m thank full for my company spending the money on sending me. And your teaching style kept me in tune and my attention. I have a lot more to learn with Tower cranes, but I think this class is helping me build a strong foundation.

Thank You,

Ben Walthers, Tower Crane Operations Manager
Ness & Campbell Crane, Inc.

PCL Construction Resources

Good Morning Chris,

I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you for the Litronic course that you put on for us last week. The information was excellent, well taught and will be very helpful for all of us in the future. Martin did an outstanding job teaching us about the Litronic electrical system (although I’m sure we only scratched the surface but that was enough for me) and some of the trouble shooting techniques and things to look for.

As it was my first time to the facility I thought the hospitality was superb and far more than I expected. Your new training center is very well set up and a great place to learn the inner workings of the tower crane components. I look forward to returning to take other courses in the future and will not hesitate to recommend this to others.

Thanks Again, Greg

Greg Neufeld, Tower Crane Operations Manager
PCL Construction Resources (USA), Inc.

Navy Crane Center

Mr Juhren,

I just wanted to compliment you on the great weather last week in Salem, the only thing better was the hospitality and training experience provided by your staff. Chris Smith definitely demonstrated his knowledge of cranes and background experience as he taught the course to familiarize us with tower crane safety and inspection.

Your facilities are excellent and the hands-on opportunities in the lab, on the Liebherr 132 HC and 32 TT provided me with a background knowledge for reviewing any future contractor use of tower cranes at government activities.

Thanks for providing this training opportunity to the crane community.

Larry Nester, Mechanical Engineer
Navy Crane Center
Portsmouth, VA

Salem Fire Department

Dear Mr Smith,

I was informed by Captain Paul Bridgehouse that Morrow Equipment Company LLC provided our technical rescue crews with valuable training on Tower Crane operation and the proper rescue procedures of an incapacitated operator.

A tour of the facility was also beneficial for our crews to see the individual components of the cranes and how they are inspected. This behind the scene view is very important to our tech rescue teams and allows them to have a better understanding of the components of a crane during a rescue.

These three days of training were valuable to our crews and provided the tech team with standardized information and practical experience. I appreciate the support of Morrow Equipment Company and your commitment to safety and willingness to assist our tech rescue team in preparing us to better respond to a crane emergency should one arise.


Mike Niblock, Fire Chief
Salem Fire Department
Salem, OR


I have just returned to Seattle from your Tower Crane Training class. My only regret is that the class didn’t last longer. Not that enough information was covered but because the class was so interesting and full of valuable information. Chris did an excellent job making sure we covered all the topics thoroughly. His ability to teach the material in a way that everyone leaves with a better and safer understanding of what it takes to have a tower crane on our projects. Thank you for offering such a valuable course. I have encouraged all of my co-workers to take advantage of the training facility and the courses that you offer.

Chip Murphy
Seattle, WA

US Army Corps of Engineers

Morrow Training Center,

Thanks again for an awesome training. I really feel like I could do the 3-day training again and benefit even more from the information. Your info certainly expanded my information base regarding what to expect when the three cranes arrive for erection.

Your company’s hospitality was second to none I have experienced. Thanks from all of us for your support.

Dan Williams
US Army Corps of Engineers

PCL Construction Resources

Dear Mr Juhren

Recently we had the pleasure of bringing down a group of 6 technicians for some training on the Liebherr Litronic Tower Cranes. Your training center is truly state of the art for this purpose. It has a good class room area along with all the equipment necessary for hands on training. Your instructors Chris Smith and Martin Winziers are both very knowledgeable and they do a great job of making sure everyone understands what’s being taught. We all left the course feeling good about being able to work on the Litronic Cranes.

We were so impressed with the entire set up that we have a group of 5 technicians coming down for some training on Construction and Material Hoists this month. Thank you to you and your people for their hospitality. We really appreciated the way things were looked after for us.


Mike Unger, Crane/Temporary Power Specialist
PCL Construction Resources Inc.

Mortenson Company

Peter, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the professional industry training that your firm has established and the fact that Chris Smith facilitates an outstanding curriculum. Mortenson has an established relationship with Morrow for well over twenty years and I must say that when you hired Chris Smith and opened the training center the term service took on a whole new meaning.

When Mortenson developed our Tower Crane Training, your team helped us put together a week long train the trainer course for tower crane safety management. This course helped us become a recognized leader in the industry. Safety training in today’s business climate is critical to an organization and particularly Mortenson who values a zero injury climate.

Thank you for your continued service at a fair price and for Chris professional delivery of industry training products.

Fravel Combs, Manager of EHS
M. A. Mortenson Company