Licensed professional engineers

Assisted by a staff of highly-trained technical design personnel, provide essential engineering services customized to customer and project requirements. By placing an emphasis on the completeness and accuracy of each project application, Morrow customers benefit in terms of time and cost savings. The knowledge and experience of the engineering staff is amply illustrated in each and every equipment utilization application plan produced at Morrow.

Morrow engineering provides customers with viable solutions to complex issues affecting the construction site. These issues include proper placement of equipment configuration, detailed structural specifications, equipment reaction forces, tie-in struts, foundations and reinforced concrete footings, as well as proposed alternative recommendations.

Project Site Design

Our engineers are experienced in a wide range of designs. Each new equipment application is meticulously reviewed for completeness and accuracy. We provide site specific designs for:

  • Foundations
  • Tower anchors
  • Reinforced concrete footings
  • Custom Tie-in struts
  • Custom repairs
  • Seismic and wind compliance

Application Drawings

Morrow application engineers develop and produce comprehensive working plans and construction specifications tailored to meet the rigors of the complex job site. We offer:

  • Construction hoist layout
  • Top climbing tower crane sequence layout
  • Bottom climbing tower crane sequence layout
  • Rail traveling tower crane layout
  • Guyed tower crane sequence layout

Customer consultation

You need a plan

and we have the solution. Our planners offer clear and concise answers to your questions. We not only provide you with the right answers, but we know the right questions to ask, saving you from unforeseen cost overruns and expensive project delays. The capacity to develop and produce comprehensive construction hoist and tower crane application drawings, integrating engineering analysis quickly and accurately, has produced an extensive list of satisfied construction industry clients.

Consultation services

Morrow sales, service and engineering personnel deliver team-oriented planning expertise:

  • Initial project fact-finding and equipment selection
  • Equipment placement based on site restrictions and construction workflows
  • Equipment procurement and service scheduling
  • Erection and dismantlement logistics
  • Onsite planning and safety reviews
  • Accident investigation

Morrow turnkey services

  • Equipment transport
  • Foundation engineering and fabrication
  • Crane installation
  • Load testing and overload system calibration
  • Equipment operation
  • Crane climbing
  • Routine maintenance
  • Field servicing
  • Dismantlement and removal of equipment

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