Power to move with SD.shift

Liebherr is launching a new generation of in-house developed, electrical switchover frequency converter hoist gears in SD.shift design. This new hoist gear features a Liebherr asynchronous motor with a high power density. High hoist speeds are guaranteed with this new drive unit. This hoist gear features a wide-ranging power and speed envelope. All loads are lifted in 2-fall operation and always moved at optimized speed by the automatic load adjustment system.


Innovative technology designed by Liebherr

SD.shift is a completely new development from Liebherr. The new Liebherr star-delta motor has been specially developed for the construction industry. The speed of the high performance hoist gear is not adjusted by a gearshift but by an electric switchover system.

This new technology eliminates the need for gearboxes and clutches reducing maintenance and repair costs over the lifecycle of the machine.

Faster hoist speeds

SD.shift hoist drive speed chart
More power to the load provides for faster line speeds. The stepless motor shifts effortlessly from high torque at a lower line speed, to low torque at a higher line speed. This is accomplished through Litronic crane control systems triggering the electrical switchover.

  • High hoist speeds
  • Low noise level and smooth operation
  • Rope drum for multi-layer winding
  • Rope-protecting Lebus grooving

High performance hoist drive options

SD.shift hoist gear options

Both 65 kW and 110kW motors are available with either 12 tonne, 16/20 tonne or 25 tonne rated planetary gearbox. All motors and gearboxes are manufactured in Biberach, Germany and go through rigorous testing for quality and performance.

  • 2-fall operation over the entire load range
  • MICROMOVE fine positioning mode
  • Stepless speed change through zero
  • Low maintenance single-disc spring-loaded brake
  • Liebherr in-house star-delta motor development
  • Hold the load without engaging the brake
  • Compact design

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