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Press release information


Morrow Equipment Co., LLC. (MORROW) of Salem, Oregon, is a recognized leader in the lifting equipment industry, applying new technologies to responsive, high-quality service and products. As an exclusive distributor for LIEBHERR, Morrow owns and operates the largest fleet of tower cranes and construction hoists in North America, and distributes heavy equipment throughout Latin America and Australia. For information regarding tower crane and personnel hoists rentals, sales and training, please contact Morrow Equipment Co. at PO Box 3306, Salem, Oregon 97302-0306.

If you are new to the world of tower cranes explore our Tower Crane 101 interactive feature covering the basic components and operations of these modern machines. Included are detailed schematics of each component and a brief overview of its function. Instructional videos on top and bottom climbing operations are covered in detail.

Photography attribution

Many of the images on this website were created by photographer Ken Derry. Visit his site at for more stunning tower crane landscapes and cityscapes.

Our partner Liebherr Group have supplied imagery to this site. Visit Liebherr’s photo gallery of their entire product line and production process.