Employee Testimonials


Training and Service Administrator Leena Ellis 

Leena Ellis – Training and Service Administrator
Corporate Headquarters, USA

Years with Morrow: 6
“On my first day with the company, the tone was set. I was introduced to every single person who was at work that day, from the President to the mail room clerk. They were told who I was, and how I would benefit the company. Morrow knows the value of their employees, which is evident by the low employee turnover rate here. When well over half of the employees I met on that first day had been here for at least 10 years, I knew that I had made the correct decision to come on board”.



Programmer Nathan Webb 

Nathan Webb – Programmer
Corporate Headquarters, USA

Years with Morrow: 5
“I enjoy working with a team of qualified and hard-working co-workers that share the same quirks and humorous perspectives. Our IT department goes for walks around the neighborhood each week and frequently dine out on our lunch as a team. It’s refreshing to be able to bounce ideas off of each other and be critical without misunderstanding.”




Philip Meza – Service Manager
Houston District, USA

Years with Morrow: 14
“I recognized the potential to help Morrow in a large district like Houston. I wanted to help my staff succeed, which in turn benefits the company. Our whole team, everyone is focused on what they need to do to get the job done. I see in our employees the potential to grow and expand their personal careers at Morrow within our team structure in Houston.”